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Custom Fragrances 

Hello! So you're interested in creating a custom fragrance for wholesale. Here is your guide to begin the process. 

This first section is about blending fragrance oils, which are safe for use in candles and body safe in most other products. Fragrance oils are NOT lip safe. If you are looking to make lip products, such as balm or gloss, check the flavour oil section.

Here are the things you should keep in mind when deciding which oils you'd like to use for your fragrance.


Fragrance oils are used in different concentrations in different products. For example: 10% in candle and wax melts, 1% in body splash or 2% in lotions. So remember to not make the combination too strong or weak if you intend to carry the scent over

several products. 

Not all blends will work perfectly across the board. Some may cloud sprays or colour the wax. This tends to be items high in

vanilla content. While these are still safe, they may not always be the prettiest product. There are ways to work around this, just be aware. 

Fragrance blending tips!

Consider the type of fragrance you want to make. There are many different categories of fragrances including (but not limited to), floralfruitycleanmasculine and sweet. A great place to start when mixing fragrances is to define the general category of fragrance oil you are wanting to blend.

Consider all the notes in the fragrance. The larger categories of fragrance oils  have numerous sub-categories. For example, citrus scents would be considered fruity. But citrus comes in many forms, it can be a “clean, fresh, zesty citrus,” while another could be considered a “sweet, creamy, foodie citrus.” It’s important to consider all the notes of a fragrance, rather than just the general category. Some fragrances may even fall into two categories, such as a fruity/floral mixture.

Consider how strong the fragrance is. Some fragrance oils feature stronger notes than others. When blending fragrances, these strong notes may overpower fragrance oils with more subtle notes. There is no point in mixing fragrances when one completely covers up the other!

Fragrance Notes

In addition to the category of scent, it will also be considered either a top, middle or bottom note. It is recommended to have at least one of each for a well balanced fragrance. You may have several top or middle notes but you should not have more than

one bottom note as they will become difficult to distinguish.

Top Note: This is the first noticeable impression in a blend, and is often the characteristic feature of the oil. It springs swiftly

from the aroma, has a sharp tone, and does not last long. 
Middle Note: This scent will last longer (about one to two hours).
Bottom Note: This scent appears much later than the first two notes. This is the note that gives a blend staying power. The bottom note can appear a few hours or even after a whole day. Effective blends with powerful base notes help the products maintain their fragrance.

Basic Oil Blenders (Categories/Notes)

(This is by no means the entirety of all the oils available but the best to craft a truly custom blend. If you have a particular scent

idea in mind, please let us know and we'll help you make it.)



Muguet: Wild lilies, peony blossom, white cyclamen petals. Top Note

Sweet Floral: Peach blossom, violet petals and bergamot blossom. Top note.

Watery Floral: Cucumber peel, water lotus, rain mist and white cyclamen. Top note.


Clean Floral: White lily, gardenia and tuberose flowers. Middle note. 

Green Floral: Rose stems, ivy leaves and hyacinth. Middle note. 

Lavender: Fresh lavender petals. Middle note.

Rose: Long stem red roses, pink peony and violet leaves. Middle note. 

Spiced Floral: Clove leaf, pink carnations, ylang blossom and cedarwood. Middle note. 

Powder: Comforting and cozy baby powder scent. Bottom note.


Champagne: Sparkling citrus, peach, pear and apple. Top note

Coconut: Creamy coconut with a touch of orange, peach and vanilla. Top note.

Melon: Green and fresh with notes of honeydew, cantaloupe and sheer muguet. Top note. 

Pineapple: Fresh sliced pineapple with notes of sweet orange. Top note.

Sour: Mouth puckering sour notes of apricot, pear and strawberry. Top note. 

Apple: Juicy red and green apples with a touch of anjou pear and pineapple. Middle note. 

Mango: Tropical juicy mango with touches of pineapple, coconut and vanilla. Middle note. 

Pear: Juicy pear accented with notes of citrus and green apple. Middle note. 

Raspberry: Ripe raspberries sweetened with a hint of raw sugar and vanilla bean. Middle note. 

Strawberry: Sun warmed strawberry patch with a breeze of fresh peaches. Middle note. 

Dark Fruit: Plum, raspberry, blackberry, blueberry and strawberry intertwine. Bottom note. 


Coffee: Rich dark coffee blended with cream and sugar crystals. Top note. 

Nut: Hazelnut, almond and cashew aromas. Top note. 

Chocolate: Silky and smooth white, milk and dark chocolate scents. Middle note. 

Honey: Wildflower sweet honey. Middle note. 

Bakery: Warm fresh baked goods with notes of cinnamon, brown sugar, clove and nutmeg. Bottom note. 

Sugared: Sweet sugar crystals. Bottom note.

Vanilla: A sweet blend of vanilla cream and tonka bean. Bottom note. 


Breeze: A fresh ocean breeze with scents of ocean mist, salt air and driftwood. Top note. 

Cucumber: Crisp cool, freshly peeled cucumber scent. Top note. 

Frost: Chilled fresh air of a winter morning. Top note. 

Ozonic: Fresh water, rainfall and morning mist. Top note. 

Laundry: Line dried clean linen on a spring day. Middle note. 

Rain: Summer rain, dew drops and meadow mist. Middle note. 

Soap: Freshly clean skin right out of the shower. Middle note. 


Fizz: Sparkling, fizzy mix of lemon, lime and ginger. Top note. 

Lemon: Juicy and bright lemon. Top note. 

Orange: The ultimate freshly peeled sweet and tart orange. Top note. 

Pink Grapefruit: Bitter yet slightly sweet pink grapefruit. Top note. 


Amber: Rich amber with hints of sandalwood and cedar wood. Bottom note. 

Balsam Pine: A deep forest blend of fir balsam, pine needle, fresh earth and cedar wood. Bottom note. 

Oriental: Bright citrus rests upon rich notes of patchouli, amber woods and vanilla. Bottom note.


Hot Pepper: A spicy blend of charred sichuan pepper, green leaves and smoldering wood. Middle note. 

Spice: Nutmeg, cinnamon stick, ginger and clove aromas. Middle note. 


Musk:Cozy musk with notes of sandalwood and amber. Bottom note


Fougere: Clean and fresh masculine blend of lavender, juniper, wild fern and fir needle. Middle note. 

Tobacco: Cigar parlour notes of pipe tobacco smoke with undertones of vetiver, whiskey and rum. Bottom note

Tonka Bean: A sweet woody blend of tonka bean, sandalwood, vanilla and musk. Bottom note.


Mint: Fresh minty aromas of watermint, spearmint and peppermint. Top note.

Herbal Citrus:  Sun kissed citrus orange with herbal aromas of rosemary, mint and sage. Top note. 

Green Herbal: Rosemary, sage, thyme and basil herbs with hints of lavender and chamomile. Middle note.



Flavour Oils

Flavour is for lip safe items, including lip balms. This is a basic list of common flavours. You can use one or mix and match them however you'd like. You want to think of these like food and which food items would smell or taste good together.


This list is by no means every possible flavour, but is the majority of them as well as the best rated oils. 

Flavour oils are gluten-free. 

Acai and Bluberry: Juicy freshness of a crunchy blueberry can be described as a cross between a green and red grape with much more of sweetness. 

Apple: Green apple balanced with sweet sugared candy.

Lemon Drop: A sweet delight - sour lemon covered in sugared candy. 

Cherry Kiss: Sweet and tangy red cherry married with hints of fresh fruit syrup. 

Chocolate Cake: Yummy, delicious, milky, rich chocolate.

Chocolate Mint: A sweet delight of smooth milky chocolate with refreshing icy mint nuances.

Watermelon: A fresh watery fruity sweetness characterizes the classic watermelon burst.

Caramel: A decedent creamy blend of caramelized sugar and farm fresh butter blended to sweet perfection.

Frosting: Yummy frosting brings a smile to the face with its rich creaminess and sweet vanilla flavor.

Bubble Gum: Lip-smacking goodness of strawberry, sun burst orange, and spun sugar with a hint of mint to keep it fresh.

Banana: A banana flavor that tastes just like the perfectly ripened firm fruit. 

Key Lime: The sparkling key lime nuance is supported and softened by creamy notes of fresh whipped cream and warm vanilla.

Lemon Lime: Fizzy and effervescent is the blend of fresh lemons and limes. 

Peach: Effervescent citrus nuances add a sparkle to the fuzzy peachy signature.

Limeade: Fresh crisp limes sweetened to perfection with raw cane sugar. 

Orange Cream:A smooth blend of sweet orange and decadent sweet cream. 

Peppermint: Top notes of crisp, cool peppermint are complimented by the sweet goodness of sugary candy.

Pineapple: Coconut milk, juicy pineapple and crushed ice take you away with the island blend.

Pomegranate Berry: Fresh sweet pomegranate flavor that has hints of sparkling citrus tones and juicy sweet red fruitiness.

Raspberry: Fresh picked sweet and tart raspberries tossed to produce this classic favorite. 

Rootbeer: A bitter but still sweet blend of vanilla, licorice and a touch of mint is the best way to describe the notes of root beer.

Strawberry Daiquiri: A frosty blend of iced strawberries with a touch of citrus freshness. 

Strawberry Shortcake: Perfect blend of fresh strawberries, whipped heavy cream and a hint of vanilla

Strawberry Sorbet: A juicy combination of fresh picked strawberries with a hint of sugar and a twist of citrus.

Honey: Delightfully sweet and bright honey notes are perfectly blended floral tupelo blossoms.

Vanilla: A classic, creamy flavor with hints of mellow sweetness and fresh creamy goodness

Coconut Cream: Rich smooth coconut that would be as delicious on its own or in combination with other flavors.

Latte: Rich bourbon vanilla combines with creamy steamed milk and smooth coffee nuances

Vanilla Mint: Refreshing mint touched with sweet vanilla

Grape: Candy concord grapes makes up this classic favorite.

Buttercreme: the taste of a sweet cream cheese frosting

Cucumber Melon: more melon than cucumber and smells pink and fresh

Blueberry:  a yummy bit of summer

Chocolate Orange: a luscious blend of mandarin, blood oranges and dark chocolate

Margarita: citrus taste

Mint Julep: Just like the drink, it will add a touch of freshness 

Passionfruit and Rose:  It is exotic and refreshing


Sample Process: 

A $10 Deposit is required to begin the sampling process. This entitles you to 4 free samples. Additional samples will require an additional $5 cost per sample.

The minimum amount of sampling time required is three weeks. It may take less time if I have the oils on hand or more time if you require additional samples. 

Once a scent has been cleared for production, and payment has been received or negotiated, an additional three weeks will be required for production. Items will be sent priority mail unless alternative plans have been arranged, and will arrive in 7 to 10 business days.  

Pricing for items is located on this page

If you have any questions regarding the process or additional available scents, please email us at

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