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This handmade all-natural 4 ounce soy based candle contains ONE RANDOM A-GRADE ENAMEL PIN! 


**Please note that size is limited edition and will be changed in the future.**


The enamel pins inside are made of high quality metals with two pin backs on each variety.  Enamel pin sizes range from 1.5 inches to 2 inches.  


Please allow your candle to burn through to completely expose the mystery package within before attempting to remove it. If you remove it early, you can cause an uneven burn that will lower the burn time of your candle. ALLOW YOUR CANDLE TO COOL COMPLETELY before removing the mystery package with tweezers or tongs. Wipe the wax from the package and unwrap it completely to reveal your mystery enamel pin! 

Our candle is clean burning and lasts for hours making it a great addition to any room. Lead-free cotton-core wick.

Mystery Candles

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