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Instructions and Guidelines for Ordering Custom Vinyl Stickers

Thank you for visiting Sticker Bunnies.  Please read the instructions in their entirety and follow the guidelines below to ensure that your order is finished as quickly as possible.

Our prices are currently being updated. Please email us for a custom quote and check back soon for a new website and updated pricing very soon! 

White Ink Instructions

White ink is what makes Gold, Silver, Clear, and Holographic appear as "spot colors."  If you DO NOT want any part of your image to be the color of the underlying vinyl or affected by the underlying vinyl's color white ink MUST be used.  If your image is printed on any vinyl other than basic white and includes white in the image, white ink MUST be used. 

  • Clear vinyl is a clear base, all colors except black and white will be translucent unless there is a white ink underlayer.

  • Holographic, Gold, and Silver vinyl are opaque bases.  That means that you will see the CYMK printed over your chosen vinyl base and any white that appears in your image will not appear unless white ink is used.

  • Wherever you lay white ink, the holographic/gold/silver effect will no longer appear.  See the below examples.

EX 1-01.jpg
Gloss Holo small.jpg

File Requirements (No white ink)

  • The preferred file format is high quality, 300 dpi, true size, .JPG and .AI (vectors or containing your own cut lines). I can accept other file formats, but this is the quickest and easiest format for my printer.  IF YOU SUBMIT A ILLUSTRATOR OR PDF FILE YOU MUST EXPAND OR EXPORT YOUR FINISHED FILE SO THAT I HAVE ALL THE REQUIRED EMBEDDED IMAGES/FONTS.

File Requirements (White Ink)

  • For white ink printing, I will require two copies of your image.  A copy that contains the finished image as you want it printed (no color where you only want holographic to show).   A second copy of the areas you would like the white ink to lay as a solid shape.  See examples below.

Gold guide sample-01.jpg

If you do not understand what I am asking for, in regards to white ink printing or it is something that you cannot provide, I will do the service for you, but you must include a third image letting me know where you do an do not want the white ink to apply.  See example below.  THIS IMAGE MUST BE A .PNG OR .AI.

File Requirements (Additional Info)

  • All printing is in CYMK. Note, all .PNGs are meant for screens only and are RGB files. If you convert a file from .PNG to .JPG it will convert to CYMK and the colours will print slightly different/darker then they appear on your screen.   


PLEASE NOTE: This is only a guide.  Printed colors will vary

If you have your own cut lines, but cannot provide us with an illustrator file, simply provide us with a .JPG image of both individual layers. One containing the artwork and the other containing only the cut lines.   See example below

Line guide-01.jpg
  • If you cannot provide your own cutlines, they will be provided for you.

  • I can only provide digital proofs for holographic pre-orders.  Please note that the colors will differ from what is on your screen, this is primarily useful for checking cutline placement and checking final image edits.

Email Templates

Please use this template in your email, but adjust it with your applicable information.

Email for Paypal Invoice 
File Name A, Quantity, Vinyl  Type (Holo, White, Clear, Gold, Silver) Finish (Gloss or Matte)
File Name B, Quantity, Vinyl  Type (Holo, White, Clear, Gold, Silver) Finish (Gloss or Matte)
File Name C, Quantity, Vinyl  Type (Holo, White, Clear, Gold, Silver) Finish (Gloss or Matte)

Thank you for reading.  If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to email me.  I look forward to seeing all of your lovely artwork.

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